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so bored

21 October 2014     10:54 pm     6 notes

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21 October 2014     8:26 pm     13,951 notes

wtf someone hot just tried to follow me on ig and i was gonna follow back but clicked no by accident and now idek theyre ig name

21 October 2014     6:22 pm     12 notes

Anonymous: woww you're beautiful my goodness


19 October 2014     10:46 pm     3 notes


bored as always

19 October 2014     9:04 pm     217 notes

Anonymous: have you ever thought about modeling?

i live in nj so not rlly a thing

18 October 2014     1:16 am     3 notes

Anonymous: Areyou gay


17 October 2014     10:21 pm     3 notes

Anonymous: As long as you stay loyal to me, I'll buy you anything you want.

ur anon tho so lets b real

17 October 2014     10:21 pm

17 October 2014     8:38 pm     28,575 notes

Anonymous: All you had to do is ask and I'd give it to you. There's no need to take my black card.

??you got it like that hmu lmao

17 October 2014     8:36 pm     1 note

Anonymous: The fact the you live in the same state as me makes me so mad BC I've never seen any beautiful guys here is there a mystical part of nj where gorgeous guys live Like holy shit

thanks! jersey is so random

17 October 2014     8:31 pm     1 note

Anonymous: I want to cuddle with you, Joey.

*steals the black card while ur sleep and speeds off*

17 October 2014     8:31 pm


Mario TestinoIpanema, Rio de Janeiro, 1998

17 October 2014     8:06 pm     12,607 notes

Anonymous: There's this boy that I like and he doesn't know me personally but I really like him. He's 2 years younger THO so I never can see him OMG what do I do.

17 October 2014     8:03 pm     4 notes